Our story

Bruno Colombini started the porshyry extraction activity in 1960. Then he developed his company, by investing on stone product and stonework. Since 1975, “Colombini Bruno S.r.l.” expands its market in Europe and in 1981 the family who owned the firm, funds in Pergine Valdugana “Europorfido e Graniti S.r.l.”, born to place in the prestigious products in the market.

A crucial and pivotal moment in the story of the two firms, because of an increasing request on the part of customers, is due to the type of investments performed in the second half of 90’s: in the extraction sector, new deposits are bought both in Trentino and in the rest of the world, by consequently increasing production capacity.
The seat has been increased, by purchasing a new building and a new deposit; this allows “Europorfido e Graniti S.r.l.” to offer a wide range of products to its customers. After the second half of 2002, the two firms, “Colombini Bruno S.r.l.” and “Europorfido e Graniti S.r.l.” merge into “Colombini S.r.l.” and they now, thanks to recent investments, meet the needs of the global market.


The company

Colombini is able to guarantee its customers a complete service from supply to installation. It offers a vast range of materials range of materials both domestic and foreign.

Installation is carried out by selected and qualified personnel, who ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The quarries are constantly subjected to extremely careful control to ensure an excellent quality product.