Sahara Gold


In North Africa, Sahara Gold porphyry is one of the most widely used and sought-after stones, often used for the construction of roads and public works (squares, pavements), but also for indoor use as flooring. These natural stones are available in different colours and often processed to obtain different shapes, very often they are also known as “Sanpietrini” or “Bolognini”.
Colombini Spa deals with the extraction, transport and laying of Sahara Gold porphyry in Italy and abroad, providing different types, shapes, colours and creating different types of decorations.

Sahara Gold cubes – Red porphyry

View table with dimensions
10×10 cm 4/8 100
4/6 cm 4/6 100
6/8 cm 6/8 135
6/8 lowered 4/6 100
8/10 cm 8/10 180
10/12 10/12 240
14/18 14/18 350
binderi 12 9/15 35
binderi 14 15/20 70