Trentino porphyry has excellent technical characteristics that are not subject to alteration, a high degree of compactness and excellent resistance to mechanical stress and impact.

It can be used for all applications, both external and internal, from paving to cladding, even in cold and damp climates and with wide temperature ranges. It is often recommended in combination with other stones to give an elegant result with chromatic effects. Colombini Spa takes care of the entire production process, from the extraction of the porphyry directly in its quarries, to the specialised processing and finishing; all this in order to package a product ready for delivery to its customers, who, thanks to the close technical collaboration, are always advised in the best way to implement the best possible laying for the final customer.

Also known as “Bolognini” or “Sanpietrini”, porphyry cubes, with their adaptability, provide the ideal solution for any type of surface, particularly for paving squares, historical centres for pedestrian use or areas open to city traffic. The natural surface, the shape, obtained by mechanical splitting, and the great variety of colours, allow the installers many aesthetic solutions, ranging from the classic contrasting arch weighing, to the more refined peacock tail or geometric designs.